Tuesday, December 3, 2013

An Early Thanksgiving: Part 1

We took a trip to Denver a little before Thanksgiving because it would coincide with Great Aunt Carol's visit from Texas to Denver as well.  The more family the merrier :)  These were from the first few days there:
Dinner at Uncle Kyle's, we missed Aunt Carol Aderman (there are
two Aunt Carol's in the family!)

The whole gang

My twin cousin's Jessica and Meghan, such cuties :)

These two clowns

Kendra and the lovely GAC

 Grammies and Boompa and the boys

Sunday after church we stopped at the Denver Temple
to take pictures.  
Not bad for a self portrait eh?

It was pretty windy, they are pretending to fly

I love Jack's little head back looking at the 
Moroni statue on top in this picture

 Sunday dinner gang

Uncle Dana and GAC

My Mama and her Aunt

Sunday night Denver Bronco football, and if they score, 
we ring the bell.  Jack and James both get this 
tradition, and love to ring the bell for a touchdown!

 Football with Boompa

These were the first two days, and we had already 
visited with so many family members and 
had technically had our family feast twice.
Great Aunt Carol brought her new love
Ray to meet the family.  Everyone adores
GAC so we are very happy that she is 
so obviously happy with him :)