Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An Early Thanksgiving : Part 2

 Museum Day Post
My mom, a long time ago, for the ten years before I was born,
worked at the Denver Museum of Natural History, aka
the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
It is always so cool to me, and now that Jack's 
favorite movie is Night at the Museum I thought
this would be a fun thing to do.
 Before heading to the museum, had to see
 the doggie Ellie

 Just part of Grammies and Boompa's 
yard for Halloween, they kept it up for us to see it.
It was spooky, cobwebs everywhere!

 In the first 20 feet of the museum, before you buy your
ticket, and Jack is content now that we've 
"gone" to the museum.
He got to see "Rexy"! Then he wondered
if we could stay until dark so he could throw
the bone for Rexy 
(everything comes alive a night in the movie,
he wanted to stay for that part).

 A giant something, I don't remember, 
but James liked it.

 Another favorite, baby Stegosaurus'

 Selfie with Mommy and Jack
Taking pictures of them has gotten so much 
easier when we say "make a happy face"
instead of "say cheese".
Who knew?

 By ice age animals

 Daddy and Jack hitchin' a ride

 Mummies!  Another feature from the movie

 That plane behind them was made from duct tape!
There was an exhibit by the Myth Busters guys, and that was
in it.

 More animals

 Do you see the knome in this picture?
It was painted while my mom was working there
by a co-worker, and I can't believe that I still remember
where all these hidden knomes are.
(He's in the middle, by the tree poking around 
with a green hat)

 This is from how far away you have to really find that
little guy.  So usually only if you are looking,
or have someone there to tell you will you see it.

 Nathan as a moose :)

 Grammies and James in front of the Sitka deer exhibit.
This is one where she did a lot of the grasses and leaves in 
the foreground.
She called it the most boring exhibit in the museum, but
I find it at least a little interesting because she worked 
on it.
 James was staring at this little plant for a long time.
I finally asked what he was doing.
"I found a venus flytrap mommy!"
And then he wanted his picture by it.

 At the kid's discovery zone

 We did stay until the very end, one of the last
families to leave.  It was a good full day,
but by then we were hungry!