Sunday, December 22, 2013

Black Friday

So while most people in the country might have gone 
Black Friday shopping...

 ...and while we did look over the toy magazines...

...Nathan's Aunt Heidi and cousins from AZ were going to be at the
farm, and since we love that place anyway, 
that's where we decided to spend half the day :)

 We took a long fourwheel ride down to the riverbottoms,
and we went over some big logs while we 
followed an owl, found a herd of deer at least
fifteen strong and the BIGGEST buck I 
have ever seen not mounted.
He was actually fighting another buck
for control of the does, and we got to watch!

 Londyn and Jack up at the Porter's house
 Taylee, James, Londyn, and Jack on the
fourwheeler I was driving
 Ty, Sydney, and Taylor that Syd drove

 Back at Grandpa's house there were kittens :)

And these three just adored the kittens

 Misty and I prego together!
Her baby is coming the day after Christmas,
and mine in February sometime, so these boys will be pretty close
in age (and hopefully to each other)

 Aunt Heidi and I
She is such a doll, I love her sense of style, and she is
so beautiful inside and out.
A wonderful example of a wife and mother.