Thursday, December 19, 2013

Grammies Comes to Visit!

We drove back home from Colorado on Wednesday, and we had a stow-away...Grammies came home with us for a few days! The boys loved having both of their grandmas right there with them for  a while:)

 On Saturday there was "Time Out for Women" in Salt Lake City.  I had had a ticket, and we were able to get another for my mom to go with me.  Kathy, most of the Aunts, Grandma Hiller and Grandma Haworth, and a few cousins went.  It was wonderful, and I loved how close we sat and we got to see Ann Romney!!  That was my favorite.  If I never get a girl, I can always be like her (she had five boys!).  I also enjoyed hearing Sherry Dew speak, which is big for me because I thought I didn't like her, but she was good, and I've had a change of heart. 
 Me and my moms

 More of a group shot

Kirstin came on Saturday and spent the night, then on Sunday
her friend Mark came up too.
 Group shot

 Mom and her girls

We really enjoyed having Grammies stay with us
and visit.  And we are so glad she is well enough
again to travel!
 James and Grammies

Kisses at the airport

Love you Grammies!!