Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An Early Thanksgiving: Part 3

 Tuesday in Colorado:

In the morning the boys and parentals and I 
headed over to see their horse, Cinnamon.
She is getting really old, I can't believe she's about 
33ish?  Give or take a two years.
Nathan was content to not go 
a) he had some work to do, and b) he's allergic
to horses and doesn't like going much
to the barn or to see them.
 No, this is not their horse, this is Ben, whose 
four greats-grandfather is
Native Dancer.  Don't know who that is?
Neither did I until I looked him up, apparently 
he was a pretty big deal back in the day, won 
every race entered in, except the Kentucky Derby, but
still won the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness.
(So almost the triple crown)
Was horse of the year twice...etc.
Anyway, you could tell that Ben was different
from the other horses at the stable.
He was chisled, tall, beautiful,
not a regular horse but one with good lines.
And we the owner happened to be there, AND
happened to have him saddled, and asked if we wanted
a ride around the arena!  Pretty cool!

 Jack's turn

 This is Boompa and Cinnamon with her winter coat

 Jack loved the horses, and actually wasn't scared!
He asked to ride Cinnamon again and again and again.

 James wanted to make volcanoes in the dirt...

 ...but we got him up, and he did like it once he
was up, (I'm holding him, you just don't see me 
in the picture).

 At the barn

 Jack ran to the tractor that is just there to "drive" it

 After the horse experience we went back to Grandma Kitty's
and next door (literally) is the 
Wildlife Experience,
another neat museum, and luckily she got us
free tickets!

 Pulling Grandma Kitty along.
All the grandparents were worn out after
spending a day with the kids!

 Most of the animals moved when you approached them.

 Looking at prairie dogs poking their heads out of their holes
 Another kids zone area,
Mommy and her baby elephant 

 Mommy and her tiger
...right after the this they pretended that the tiger was
eating the baby elephant. They were crawling around,
the tiger literally pouncing on the baby elephant,
then saying "I'm eating you", the elephant "oh no,
I'm dead".
...some of their favorite shows are
National Geographic for Kids,
which still shows the circle of life I  guess.
 More kid's zone, and James was still sporting
the tiger tail.

We drove back on Wednesday morning. 
Jack did not want his picture taken then,
but James was good with it.

Thank you Grandma Kitty for having us
stay with you!  It is always a pleasure!


Jennifer said...

I like their rendition of hunting and being eaten, and I love James's tail in his jeans :)