Monday, December 2, 2013

A Provo Trip

Every other week I've been headed down to Provo to see an
awesome chiropractor for my lower back this pregnancy.
It's working too as my back pain has diminished 
significantly the last month!
 While in Provo we try to have an adventure or two:)

This particular trip was very packed as we went to the doctor, 
went by and saw Kristie, then headed over to the Provo Rec Center
 to go swimming. (Very neat new rec center, very close
to where we used to live! And if it had been there
while we lived there we would have gone all the time!)
Then saw Kirstin, then to the Parks' home for dinner in
Heber before heading home...whew!

There is still a park right next to the rec center, and
we needed to find some crunchy leaves to have a 
leaf fight before it gets too cold and wet
(and on a side note, it still isn't both of those things, 
come on snow, where are you?!)

The leaf fight was a success, and these were the best
pictures that I caught:

Selfie of the three of us :)
Happy Fall!


Jennifer said...

Cute pictures! Playing in the leaves is so fun!