Monday, December 23, 2013

Best.Ski. Day. Ever!

James and I got to go skiing with Oaklee and Erika 
on Monday.  James was great, and immediately took 
back to skiing.  Erika is a really
good skier, and said James is probably even ready for the
next bigger lift!

Well, we also saw skiing down the Little Cat run Santa!
The real, legit, Santa! We waited for him at the bottom of the run
to be able to talk to him: 
 Santa had candy cane skis, a bag he carried with
candy canes to give out, and jingle bells.

Well, after saying hi and getting a picture, 
we were getting on the lift,
and he said "can I ride up with you?"

Um, of course!

  Santa and James!!
This was such a neat experience! 
He even told James he'd talk to the elves
about the helicopter that turns into a velociraptor 
that he asked for!

At the top of the lift, I could tell Oaklee was sad that
she didn't get to ride up with Santa, so we
said "wait for our best friend Oaklee".
Santa then took the time to have her grab his bells and 
ski down with her, then rode back up with her. 

Then after the ride back up, he WAITED for us to have James
hold his jingle bells, and gave a mini lesson all the way down!

What lucky kids!  
Pays to go on a Monday afternoon, half day pass!
 At the end of the day, all smiles from Mommy and James.

James did the jumps, can turn great, and doesn't need
help to get approach the lift(it gets steep at the bottom before the lift).
He really only needs help getting on and off the lift.
Santa taught him a great way to get there on his own!
I was happy I had rented a helmet for him as he is much faster
this year.  I can't believe how well he's doing!
It was THE Best. Ski. Day. EVER!