Thursday, November 10, 2016

First week of life

So our first week consisted a lot of people stopping by, lots of snuggles to the baby, and a bike race for Nathan to name a few!
Nathan raced in the Tour de Park City, and got a 5th place finish this year as a Cat 2 rider.  He has put in so much work, blood, sweat, and analysis of his competition this year.  

Boys got minion electric toothbrushes which are a big hit

 Jack was showing off his trophy and medal from earlier this summer

Grammies stayed with us the first two weeks after Jordan was born.
Lucky for everyone!

Grammies gave lots of snuggles to Jordan (anytime he whimpered really), and played whatever the other boys wanted to as well...including but not limited to:

Grammies brought some crafts to do

Grabbed a picture of all my boys!

Jonathan learning to hold the baby

This one we call milk drunk :)

Kirstin and Taylor came again, and they played on the trampoline

Dogs and people in the backyard!

I love to snuggle this little guy

Little dinosaur back!  This is my favorite baby outfit we have :)
Jonathan's hair!  This is great fun on the trampoline!

Grammies played legos...

They made all sorts of creations together

Puppy hot dogs!  

 Cute little sleeping babe just a week old

First bath to you can see he wasn't a fan :(

After the bath, still not happy about it!

A lot of him sleeping...
And in this picture he still was more chubby than all the other boys.

Our friend and neighbor Shawn Beckstrom, coming over to see the little guy

Grammies falling asleep holding Jordan
I really don't think this little one was put down 24/7 his first few weeks of life :)