Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gordon Ramsay Food!

At the beginning of December, Nathan and I decided to take a fast trip to Las Vegas, just the two of us.  We celebrated my {30th} birthday with this trip and enjoyed being together. Nathan had a Delta voucher that he had to use, so airfare was covered.  Jack and James stayed with some friends up here who also have a 5 and 3 year old.  Jonathan was watched by Grandma Kathy one day, then two different friends the other two days, and Papa took him at nights!  The trip wouldn't have been possible without all of their help. This was a perfect, fast, 2 night and 3 day trip ;)

We stayed at the Nobu Hotel, which is in Caesars Palace.  It's a concept of a hotel within a hotel, with it's own check-in.  Anyway, it had a modern Japanese theme, and it was beautiful inside.  After getting there in the late afternoon, we headed out to eat, and since we were in Caesars Palace, we found the Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill.  The winner from last season of one of my favorite TV show's Hell's Kitchen got to become the head chef here.  I was very excited to try this place out.  Well, we put our names down, and had plenty of time to go look around the Forum Shops before getting to eat.

 It was also Wednesday night, so I got to watch Hell's Kitchen while eating at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant!  I had braised beef cheeks with a garlic risotto and shallots, and Nathan got a BLT.  His was really, really good.  Mine was good, but the beef was pretty salty, and I ended up liking Nathan's better.  So when we sat down I asked which TV Hell's Kitchen would be playing on, and they had forgotten to turn it on!  Because I had asked, they moved us to an even better table, and turned it on just for me :)  I did ask to meet the new chef (this was my 30th bday dinner after all) but he wasn't working that night:(  That's okay though, after dinner we headed back to the shops and went shopping until they closed.  We went into a few stores, but where we spent money was in H&M, everything else was really expensive! We did get an outfit for the next night out though where we had reservations at Gordon Ramsay Steak.  

Thursday we had one of the best meals while in Vegas: the room service!  Seriously though, the spin that the Nobu did on bagels and locs was really good.  We also got a berry pancake and the syrup was to die for.  We were literally licking the plate clean.  After breakfast we each had a spa treatment at Qua Spa at Caesars.  Nathan got a massage and I got a vichy shower and body scrub. It was heavenly :)
We then had lunch, and a took a lovely nap(we had been out shopping late the night before ), and got in a run and workout at the fitness facility at Caesars.  After getting ready again, we walked through the Bellagio to see how it was decorated for the holidays again.  Very beautiful.  I also learned how much Prada really costs (holy crap!) and I'm very happy with my knockoff bag I got in the Bahamas five years ago.  Never in a million years would we pay that much, and if we did, there wouldn't be a reason to have it because there would be nothing in my wallet to put in the bag, ha!
Anyway, we also watched the fountain show too.
 In the Bellagio
The polar bear is made completely of flowers!
Then it was time for dinner!
 I have been wanting to go there for forever! They serve Gordan Ramsay's famous Beef Wellington which is a main dish on Hell' Kitchen.  I have wanted to try it for awhile.  Nathan got the King Crab.  He had an amazing carrot soup for an appetizer, and I had foi gra.  Both very, very good!  Nathan's crab was excellent, and I am glad that I had the wellington, but I don't know that it lived up to my expectations.  Still good though!  It was fun getting dressed up and going to a very fancy place.  We decided that we become "foodies" when we travel.  We like to try new and different things.  After a nice sleep again we came home the next day, but not before going to Hash House A-Go-Go for breakfast.  That was very different from what we had tried thus far. Nathan ordered for us from what everyone on yelp had reviewed the best. 

The portions here were huge!!  This is the chicken and waffles

And this is the Eggs Benedict
It was good food, but too much, and the wait was too long.

After this we walked around a little longer, then caught a taxi to the airport.  We were leaving Vegas as everyone else was getting there.  Midweek had great deals on our room, airfare, and spa treatments.  It was the perfect little getaway:)