Friday, January 30, 2015

Thanksgiving time

Thanksgiving, a time to think of our blessings and have family and friends around.  The youngest 4 Manwaring siblings were there with their families: Jason and Nicole, Nathan and Kendra, Karissa and Cory, and Jenn and Bryan. We all stayed with Mom and Dad Manwaring for a few days and even made a trip up to the farm to see Grandpa and Grandma Haworth as well.

A wonderfully candid shot

 Jenn hanging out on the couch

 Cory and Karissa with 3month old Rondo

 This shot is hilarious...
these two are taking a bite before dinner, and with 
Mom in the background with her back turned.

 Everyone at dinner
The turkey was smoked in the traeger and was
quite delicious.
Kirstin got to come too!

 A beautiful dessert by Jason

 Sitting with Papa

The MGM talent show
James showing off his new headstands, Karissa's quilt she made for us for Chirstmas, Kathy playing the piano, Jenn and Bryan sang a duet, and Alan even busted out the guitar and played some old favorites of the family's. 

 Caught grinning for the camera

 A lifetime of legos being enjoyed by my littles...and the mess that ensues

 James shared a nap with Jenn
 Tickle fights with Aunt Jenn

 Playing Foosball
 A highfive for a goal

Thanksgiving day going to see the Kutterer's
A picture with the 3 sisters

Dorothy with her first great-grandson

Jack and James and their cootie bugs

We played games every night, went shopping too. On the last night before most would be leaving in the morning we had long discussions.  It actually, honest to goodness, turned out to be the best talks ever had where differing viewpoints were cast, and it was all brought back and resolved. I hope that it brought everyone together closer, and I learned that I do in fact agree with many things that others in the family do too. That one night really made the whole time the best ever spent for me so far with Nathan's siblings.We talked of things that had substance and understand each other now more.  That is what getting together is all about. 

The next day we headed up to the farm to see Grandma and Grandpa. 

 Up at the farm Grandma is known for her wheelchair rides.
Now my youngest loves them too.

 James and Jack inspecting some Christmas decorations

 View of the farm from their front window...
not a lot of snow yet

 Grandma got him to eat for her
He had a hard time taking the bottle for awhile, so this is special

 Inspecting more decorations

 We love going to the farm!

 There are 4 generations in this picture!

 Jack loves the kitties :)
And he also knows we'll never get one :(

 My whole world in this picture before we headed out on a four wheeler ride.
That is one of my favorite activities to do as a family, and luckily we can still all fit on one fourwheeler.

 Massive leaf fight at the farm.
The leaves were perfect, and we ended up burying the children

This is a partial of a picture that is up at the farm. 
The cute little boy on the lower right is Nathan!
What a treasure, and James looks a lot like him in this picture.