Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Baptism and a Double Blessing

The first part of November was great because we were able to see so much of our family that lives so far away!  Karissa and Cory were blessing their new baby boy Rondo the first weekend, our niece Kaylee was getting baptized the second weekend and her new baby brother Issac was being blessed the next day.  The first gathering was in Las Vegas, and the second in Gilbert.  There was no way we could go to both and go home in between, so we made it a little vacation for our family, and stay that week in Gilbert with our Aunt Heidi and Uncle Jon and there wonderful girls.  It was so much fun!!  Kathy and Alan came down to Vegas for the first weekend; it was a beautiful blessing and we love the new addition to the Manwaring Clan.  Rondo is named after Alan's dad, and his middle name comes from Cory's side of the family.  What a precious baby.

Jack and Rondo

We stayed with Karissa and Cory on Monday and left later that night for Gilbert.
So that day we got to see the Bellagio's Conservatory with the kids, then headed to a park that's not too far from Cory's work that is made from shipping containers, then there are shops all around as well.  That was a fun outing.
 Inside the Bellagio

Fun times with family in Vegas.

Then we made our way down to Gilbert and got there on Monday evening.  The Lovell's were so gracious to have us stay with them.  We love them so very much!  Our boys just adore them as well. We got to play games with them, see them play soccer, run around outside, and enjoy having "big sisters" around for our boys. 
Taylor, Londyn, and Jack jumped on the trampoline with a sprinkler on!

Sydney all ready for cheer

Sydney, Londyn, and Ashlyn with Jonathan and James

This cutie snuggled right in, she's so good with him!

We even got to go on a double date one night Heidi and Jon and the girls
watched our boys, and on another night with them and the Manwarings. 
He took a bottle from her, yeah!  This was one of the first
times that he had taken a bottle from someone else!

We went to the zoo one day too!  Phoenix has an amazing zoo, and not only now do I love zoos, but my boys as well.  And we got to take our niece Emma!  Everyone else still had school, so she kind of lucked out.

James and Emma rode the camel with me.

There was a brand new baby orangutang there!
And the mom had brought her out to see people,
seriously the cutest.  I held my baby, and she held hers.
Later that night we had dinner with Robert and Kortney, and then
all their kids too.  Our three boys are the same ages as their last
three, and they all get along great. 
James and Ryan

These two are goofs:)

We all make funny faces :)>

My BYU freshman roommate also lives in Mesa right now.
We've been trying to see each other for a few years, but the
timing has never worked out.  This visit it finally did, and
I got to visit with her and her youngest for awhile one day!
Cami helped me grow so much, I am so grateful I was able to
get to know her, and that we've stayed in touch all these years.
Not the best picture of us, but we don't look too
shabby:) We each have three kiddos now!

Saturday Kaylee was baptized, and we are so proud of her!
There was a wonderful luncheon that Kortney held at their home afterwards.
Sunday Robert blessed their new baby boy, Issac.
What is crazy is that he was born the exact same day as 
Rondo!!  And, he is also named after Alan's dad, 
Rondo Issac Manwaring.  
Yep, things might get confusing sometimes, but 
it's neat they both will share so much as they grow up.

Everyone that was there on Sunday!

Jonathan Lovell holding Jonathan Manwaring
See, all sorts of naming after people going on 
around this family!


 Another lunch was held afterwards at Robert and Kortney's
home.  They were so generous, and Kortney did a great job!
I am not the best when it comes to helping with food,
so my contribution was taking Emma for the day so she only
had one at home to have time and energy to prepare :)

Brothers holding their baby boys

Where is Jack you ask?
Well, he didn't want to be in the picture, but we made
him be in this one:
Cousins and their Papa and Grandma

Grandma holding baby Issac

 Papa holding Jonathan

Papa and Grandma with the two new babies that were present

Cousins playing
You won't believe how many pictures I had to take to get this
with everyone looking at me

Sisters by another mother with our babies

The oldest and youngest brothers

We left the luncheon, headed to the Lovells, then had to pack up to head to Vegas for the night, and then we went the rest of the way on Monday again.  It really was great to be able to stop that half way.  However, on the way, I took a turn driving.  I followed the signs, but it did NOT take us the quickest route, but added 2 HOURS to the drive to Vegas.  We were excited we were almost there, then when we figured it out, we couldn't believe that we had the exact amount to still travel when we thought we would be there.  It is now funny looking back, but at the time I was pretty mad, mostly at myself for not just navigating for myself on my phone.
Packing up the car to head home, these girls are awesome!

Right after we came home, the next day Londyn was admitted to the hospital with an infection in her hip!  It was a staph infection that had entered through a mosquito bite, and took advantage because she had an injury to her hip during her soccer game.  What a trooper she is, and she's back to her happy and sporty self now. 
Thank you to everyone who helped to make this trip possible!  The Garr's, The Manwaring's, The Lovell's, Mom and Dad Manwaring.  What a terrific family we are blessed to be a part of! We are glad we could share these special events with you!


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