Friday, January 16, 2015

October General Conference

The first part of October we were able to spend General Conference at the farm.  We got to stay with Mike and Misty and all their kiddos, and see at Grandpa and Grandma's the Tanners.  What a place, and the family is just amazing that usually when we head up there is someone else.  Grandma has a quote on her wall that reads: "Grandparents House: where cousins become best friends".  I love that, because I definitely have made best friends there.  Anyway, in between the sessions we:

Took an ATV ride to the riverbottoms... pick apples from a 4 or 5th generation apple tree.
This thing was planted by Johnny Appleseed himself it's so old.

James and Jack swung on the swing...

...with Lilah and Aunt Sherrie

And Jonathan got cozy with Grandma Haworth...

Jonathan and Daisy enjoyed the sun and grass on
Saturday after the sessions.

We were able to celebrate Taylee's sixth birthday.

This picture is neat because of all the interactions that are going on.
James with Taylee; Misty and I with our babes, then in the far back Jack and Ty playing together on the pedal powered tractor.  They took turns pushing each other. 

Closeups of these babies, Tragen and Jonathan,
 just 2 months apart almost to the day.

Jack and Ty, these two are both a lot of energy.