Tuesday, February 17, 2015

St. George Half Marathon

 I ran my second half since Jonathan in St. George with some great ladies from the neighborhood. We made it into a girls trip.  Erika, Karla, Rachel, and I drove down to St. George on Friday, and met Britany at the packet pickup expo.
Getting pumped to run!

 Some great women 

Then after the expo we went out to dinner and talked.  Britany grew up in St. George and offered her parent's home where we could all stay.  It was so generous, and quite perfect.
The next morning we headed to the starting line, Karla was so kind and for us there.
Rachel, Erika, and I at the start.
I had Infinit Jet Fuel before the race, and they said I started out like I was shot out of a cannon.  I did start out fast, but I felt fast, and ready.  These two have been my running partners, and I have loved getting to know them better and pushing ourselves past our limits.  

During the race I found a groove, and was feeling great.  There was a time that I wanted to beat, 1:49:52.  We were right on track.  Then about mile 9 I was talking to Erika and said I don't mind if we don't beat it because I have loved getting ready for the race more than the race.  Joy in the journey.  She said, "don't you dare say that, we are beating that goal if it kills us."  She can be very competitive:)  I am too.  I have read that women actually get more competitive in their 30's, and I definitely have.  We were always ahead of the 1:50 pacers (two people who will run a certain pace, and if you want to get a certain time you run with them.  They run with different times on signs on long poles, it's very handy to see roughly how fast you are going if you don't have a garmin or similar).  Then the last mile I was feeling like I was done.  My stomach hurt, and I needed to take in more nutrition during the race.  However, Erika knew we might not make it, so we stepped it up.  I was running about a 8:15 pace the last mile!  We ended up making it in 1:49:21!!  Talk about cutting it close.  Everyone did so well!!
Erika and I right after the race

We are strong!

We headed back to Britany's place, showered, then had lunch at Eggs' Etc.  I thought it would be better, and all I wanted was some easily digestible food, but it wasn't that great.  Oh well.  After some searching and phone calls to places we found on yelp, we found a place where all 5 of us could get a pedicure together:)  Britany laughs when they scrub her feet, hehe!  I did too!  Rachel's family also has a condo in St. George, so her husband and young boy came and picked her up from the pedicure place and she spent the rest of the weekend with them.  Britany stayed with her family for the rest of the MLK day holiday break.  We got frozen yogurt after the pedicures, gathered our things from Britany's place, and Erika, Karla, and I drove back home.  I must say that I felt the best after this race than I have after any other so far.  Preparation is truly the key.  I thank everyone who came!  It was a great race and girls weekend!