Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Up to the farm for New Years

 Right after dropping of my mom and Grandma Kitty at the airport we headed home, packed our bags, and drove up to the farm to enjoy the company of Grandma and Grandpa Haworth, Kathy and Alan, and Richard and Rachelle came from LA to enjoy a few days in Utah!  We got to spend the night, and talk and enjoy each other.  What a neat place to enjoy cousins!  Grandma Haworth has a quote on her wall that says "Grandma's house is where cousins become best friends".  I love that, and hope that many more memories will be made there in years to come. There was snow so we could sled a bit too:)  Uncle Will and Aunt Robyn were at the farm at the same time (there always seems to be someone else visiting at the same time, which is great for us!) so we got to see some of their kids this trip! This was the first time there that we let our kids get dressed for the cold and go outside and explore without us, though they did have their two older cousins with them and they all got to explore:).   

 Daddy and Jack getting ready to go down the hill

 Mommy with Jonathan

 Ready to go down the hill!

 Lydia with one of the black kittens

 This kid was fearless as always and even went down on his stomach!

Grandma Haworth underwent treatment for breast cancer a few weeks earlier, and we were all praying and fasting that the doctors had gotten all the cancer and further treatment wouldn't be needed.  So far so good! We were very worried for a while that we wouldn't have much time left with her here.  She has lived a good life and has an incredible legacy in her children and grandchildren.  But during our visit I couldn't believe how much energy she had, she looked great, and many times I forgot that she even had had cancer in the first place.  Luckily she is doing well, and we'll still be able to learn from her and enjoy her company for awhile.
 Nathan and Grandma

 Jack enjoying hot chocolate and a fruit rollup
His expressions are pretty funny

 Grandma Haworth with Kendra and Jonathan
Grandma and Grandpa Haworth are really good hosts and you never feel like you are putting them out when you come to visit.  They love having family and friends come.  I feel just like a granddaughter, and not like I married into their family.  I hope that I can make all of my kids and their future spouses feel like that.  I am so blessed to be a part of her family.

 Elisa and her hot chocolate after sledding

 James loves hot chocolate and sledding...a great day for him:)

 Alan is always helping where needed.  Sometimes a quiet presence, we loved having him and Kathy live with us while they were building a house.  He is also really funny, in a dry humor kind of way!  And the kids love their papa!
 Mommy was caught eating

 Grandma giving Jonathan a ride

 And he fell asleep in her arms!
He hardly does this, so this was a special treat.
He also would get jealous if anyone else wanted to ride with Grandma:)
He would scream and try to push they away, a little Grandma hog!

Grandma with our boys and Elisa

Our boys did surprisingly well for sleeping in a different place.  The "big kids" all stayed in the play room down stairs.  There is carpet that reminds me of hot lava in that room, and yes, they did have a game of staying-out-of-the-lava while there with the cousins.  After sledding and getting cleaned up again on New Years Eve, we all went to Kathy and Alan's house to play games and get ready for the the year!