Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Visiting with Santa!

Snowbasin is awesome, and each year the real Santa comes and blows off some stress of the holidays by skiing the two weeks before Christmas.  Well, on a Wednesday before, we headed up with Grandma Kitty, Grammies, and the boys to go ski and hopefully see him, and we did!  The boys got to ski down with Santa, and sit on his lap in the lodge. 

 Sitting with Santa
Jonathan wasn't too sure what to think, good thing Grammies was there

Up at the lodge, there wasn't a lot of snow :(
But we still enjoyed hot chocolate!

 Skiing with Santa!  
His ski's even have a candy cane design!

James didn't get to tell Santa what he would like when he sat on his lap
(Santa was telling stories about the reindeer, and they talked skiing),
so at home he wrote him a letter of what he would like for Christmas,
and did his own "sound spelling", and drew pictures of a 1)remote control car, 2)ice skates, and 3)the Planes 2 DVD. 
 Jack was able to talk to a Santa at preschool, and when it was his turn, he surprised me and wasn't shy at all, and asked for the Dragons 2 DVD. 
He was excited to get a ninja turtles coloring book that day, as well as sing Jingle Bells, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas for the Pre-school program. 

At home we were all ready with the decorating.
I just love Christmas:)