Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More Sledding!

 The day after New Year's Day, there was snow and cousins... so James and Jack went sledding (again!) with Elisa and Lydia and Grandma.  It was just at a park that is close to their house, and there was a great hill into the soccer fields. 

Jack being cute and ready to go

Lots of sledding

 Wipe out!

 Elisa and Kendra going down

More sledding pics

 James had borrowed a hat because his was still wet from the day before, and it kept coming down over his eyes.  He still would keep going though.

He can't even see, but he's loving it!

 All ready to head down together...

 ...notice Jack's crash...

...the aftermath.

He was able to compose himself, and then stayed longer.  Grandma had these 4 at the park for a while longer and we headed back to the house.  They loved sledding!