Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jack's Stats: 18 months

Jack has grown from his last visit!  Of course he has, but his percentile's have gone up, and that is great.  His visit was exactly on his half birthday, and he was:

Height: 31in (15th %tile, up from 5th!)
Weight: 21.9 (5-10th %tile, 
up from not even being on the charts!)
Head Circ: 18.8in (45th %tile, up from 30th!)

Jack is saying so many words now, I haven't even counted.

A very cute thing he will do now is when we ask him a yes or no question, 
and the answer is yes, he'll nod his head.

 He climbs on anything that his brother does.

Jack finally just got two more teeth, though they are his upper first year molars.
Still no other teeth on the bottom besides the two middle ones.

He knows most of his body parts, and will point and say what they are when asked.

 Jack gives me this face, he is so funny, and mischievous

He loves to say "puppies", and knows and likes Lady,
 but is afraid of getting too close to any other dog
 (ie he just wants you to hold him and not be put down).

 He loves bath time, his blankie, and his brother.

Jack still takes one nap in the afternoon, usually after lunch time for three hours, 
and twelve hours at night.

He loves to be held by his daddy.

He also knows most animal sounds by now too, but his favorite are cows. 

Jack can fold his arms to say prayers, and has started to repeat what you say to him, so he's even said his own prayers.  I love the "repeat-what-you-say" stage.

I can't believe my baby is a year and a half!