Thursday, February 21, 2013

James Skis!

So James might not like swimming when he gets cold, but he sure does love to be in the snow.  We've been able to go a few times now up to Snowbasin to ski on the small little cat lift.  James is a NATURAL!  I had a feeling he would be.  I've gotten to take James up with some friends the Beckstroms, and Ericka is extremely talented and a great teacher.  James' friend Oaklee, who's his age, likes to go, so one of us will then take a small one down the slopes. James has learned to make his "pizza" out of skis for slowing down, and is now working on turning.  His favorite though is to go fast.  Watch out Bode Miller, James Manwaring might just be the next new face in skiing :)

Ericka taking James down the run.  He's learning his "pizza" here.

 Oaklee and James after a run.  He could have gone all day.  James never whined or complained that he was cold, only wanted to go more.

 James and Mommy on the lift going up.
James was too preoccupied looking at the other skiers and snowboarders to look at the camera.
I love doing this activity with him.
James' words after skiing on President's Day:
"I love skiing with you Mommy, it's my favorite"
Melts my heart :)