Thursday, February 21, 2013

Airplane rides for everyone

The very last part of January, Dad Manwaring moved in with us while he started his new position at Equation Consulting.  Mom Manwaring will join us at the end of March.  Well, about a week after he got here, he had said that he would want to go flying sometime, and we were able to arrange that with Steve again.


He liked it!
Nathan and James got to go up also again.  And of course James loved it, and the "roller coasters" Steve does when he has the plane go up and down.
James always talks non-stop about those.
I was with Jack while he napped at home.
We love having Dad Manwaring here while they figure out where they will call their next place home (we hope that is pretty close to us, 
but even if it's in the valley, they've still moved 12.5 hours closer!!)