Friday, January 18, 2013

We saw them all...

...all the grandparents that is in December. 
That is a pretty good feat I'd say since they span four states!
First Papa and Grandma Kathy came to Utah for a wedding, and they got to stay with us!
Unfortunately we didn't get a single picture from that trip, but it's okay, we'll see them again soon.

Then we went up to the farm to see Grandpa and Grandma Haworth.
It's always great to visit them, and Grandpa started talking about when he served in the Korean War, and I love hearing about old stories.
We were lucky to have them all to ourselves for a little bit, with so much posterity, that is rare.

On Christmas Day we got to see Grandma Hiller.
James says "Grandma Hiller's house is great"

In Denver we stayed with Grandma Kitty.
James likes to read stories at her house, and sleep in the cave we make with her roll top desk.

Finally, we also saw Grammies and Boompa.
The little ones keep them on their toes, as evidenced by the picture. 

Love you all!