Thursday, January 17, 2013

Salt Lake Temple Lights

One Friday night before Christmas we thought it would be fun to meet Kristie, Tom, and Lilah in Salt Lake and see the temple lights, and then go and see Grandma Hiller.  Well, I think that about half of the people on the Wasatch Front had that same idea, and if not they were there for the Jazz game, and if not for that they were there for the opening night of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas Special.  And then it decided to drizzle too.  Long story short, we made it to the City Creek Mall to eat at the food court about an hour after we said (Kirstie and Tom were just as late between traffic and weather as well), which was the time we were to leave Temple Square to see Grandma Hiller.  Nathan went to stand in line to get us some Red Iguana food, and I found us all a table, and the only one was right in front of the big play area.  The kids ended up having a grand time playing and eating, and the adults got to catch up a bit. Then we came what we had set out to do: see the lights. We fought through the crowds, which weren't as bad probably because of the relentless drizzle.  It was an adventure.  We had to call Grandma and tell her that we could come that night, but she didn't mind because she had to be up early and didn't want us to come and then only stay a minute because she had to go to bed. It turned out to be pretty fun, even if it was cold and wet.
James and Jackman in the play area in City Creek

Jack liked it, and was happy he could run around

Mommy, Jackman, James, and Daddy in front of a big red tree

Lilah with some lights

The magic of Christmas lights and snow on Temple Square

James explaining to Daddy about the floating lights,
 and I am aware that he no longer is wearing mittens in this picture, not sure where those ended up

Two sweethearts

Tom and Lilah 

Overall a good adventure to get into the holiday spirit.
And it's fun when some of your best friend's are also cousins :)