Friday, January 11, 2013

It's a Colorado Christmas

The day after Christmas we packed up the car and headed to Colorado to visit all the family there.
Nathan had to go into the office for an hour before we left, and this happened:

Nathan got his thumb caught in the door, and pulled it out, and this happened. Besides the hematoma, his thumb was twice the size as the other.
It hurt the whole 8 hour drive to Denver, poor thing, no medicine touched the pain and he held his hand above his head for most of the trip.  As soon as we got there, he went had it drilled at an instacare to relieve pressure, it didn't help much.
After four days, he was able to type and play the piano again, but even now it still hurts a bit.

There was plenty of grandparent time

Trying to get a picture together, this was pretty typical

We went to the Littleton Historical Farm, even though it was cold,
 to show Daddy where we always go

The Aderman clan that were able to come to Lincoln Meadows to have a meal.
My Uncle Dana and Aunt Maggie, and my Uncle Kyle and Aunt Carol

 Kyle and Carol are in Parker, and it was wonderful that Dana and Maggie came from Colorado Springs.  We don't get to see them as much, and it meant so much for them to make the drive.

Grandma Kitty with her children: Julie, Dana, and Kyle

 Boompa and Gramies

 Kirstin got to be there a night with us before she had to get back to work

 Grandma Kitty and James
We got to stay with Grandma Kitty at her apartment in Lincoln Meadows

 We had excursion to Chuck-E-Cheese's, and the boys loved the rides

Boompa trying to feed Jack his bottle...
 ...but Jack thought he wanted to share instead :)

 Uncle Kyle and Aunt Carol's labs, Elle and Morgan

The last night we went to Kyle and Carol's to watch the Bronco game, and after the game we had dinner together.  I found these two after dinner asleep together like this.  
It was a funny position to fall asleep in:)

The drive there and back were both uneventful, just the way we like them.