Friday, January 18, 2013


A new favorite activity for James is sledding.  And what is awesome is the hill that is right by our house.  So when Jack naps, about three times a week James and I will go out fast and sled right next to our house.  Jack gets cold quickly, so I've only taken him actually down the hill twice, but James will stay out and go and go and go, and crash into the snow, and go some more.  He doesn't care if he's cold as long as he keeps going.  It's when we stop that then he doesn't like the cold so much.  Afterwards we head inside for some nice hot chocolate to warm up with.
 He loves it, and will climb the hill, pulling up his sled, all by himself. We got him a polar bear sled thing and it goes down just fine.  Our horsey sled needs the streets to be more compact with the snow to work, deep snow and that sled don't mix. 

Coming up the hill

 Back at the top to go again.

The snow is also perfect to find prints of animals,
 and James found this perfect deer print and wanted to take a picture.

We've found another hill by us that works well too, and goes on for a really long time.  
Happy winter!