Sunday, November 8, 2015

Grandparent week 2015

Every summer Kathy and Alan host a "Grandparent Week" where all the grandkids are invited to come spend a few days with them.  Many activities and outings are planned, All the grandkids this year who were potty trained and up got to go!  The theme was "I am ready now", and they also taught about pioneers and their readiness.  The kids also all got to go to "This is the Place Heritage Park", grandma made everyone an apron to use, and papa made everyone a piggy bank.  After a few days the parents are all invited to come to stay a day together. It was a fun week for all, and Grandma and Papa put in so much work, and everyone is grateful for them:)

Opening aprons

All the kids who got to go!

Best boy cousins


Getting the babies Emily and Jonathan involved

Let's throw these rubber bits at each other :)

Jonathan and Lydia

Movie time

The focused looks on these guys....

Jason feeding his new son, just a few weeks old!