Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lagoon Day!!

Before school started this year we really wanted to take the boys to Lagoon for the first time.  We invited Grandma to come to join us, and what a great day we had!

In line for little boats

These boys loved sharing rides

Grandma and Jack excited for the next ride

I love the excitement on their faces!

In line for the log ride...Jack was not a fan :(

Flying spaceships

At almost the end of the day Nathan and Kathy went to go try one of the BIG rides, and were able to be on the one that drops you from very high up...No thank you for me :) (as you read in the last post I'm not a fan of heights).

James and I in line for the Wild Mouse rollercoaster.
He was barely big enough, but he was, and he could go on lots of the bigger rides.

Grandma and Jack on the skycoaster

Driving a plane

After the last ride of the day, Rattlesnake Rapids.
Poor Kathy did not want to get wet, but I think she got the most wet :(