Wednesday, November 11, 2015

July 2015

Here are the fun and random things we did in July....
The boys wanted to do a picnic...for dinner...with spaghetti...

...because why not right?!

These three...with their matching shark shirts

We found a next that had fallen at Chex's barn.

I took the boys to the zoo for pioneer day. It was Jurassic Zoo, so lots of anamatronic dinos were around the zoo, and the T-rex was scary even for me.
A peregrine falcon! 

All sitting at the bird show

This little guy is just adorable!
Reptile house craziness

I was trying to go to the bathroom, and all three were slurping up the lemonade from my bag as fast as they could.

Another day we walked down to the pond for family night
Throwing rocks in of course

This little guy loves the hiking backpack

In July I got my last part of my middle finger slammed in the door between the garage and the house.  After a day of it still feeling like it wasn't connected to the rest of my finger I went to the doctor.  Yep, it was completely broken in two :(  At least it was lined up nicely so no surgery was needed...
...but this was my bling for the next 6 weeks.

Kira went through the temple to prepare for her mission, and we were able to go too.  We are proud of her and the young woman she is becoming.

Another hike with just mommy and her boys:)

Really, we didn't get to far but they liked looking for the grasshoppers.
See, the backpack, seriously he is good as long as he's in it!

We went to the Morgan County Fair, and I took Kellen with us too.
He is our neighbor and the same age as Jack.  Such a great kid and friend!

Pizza at Costco, and we are all in the picture!

Finally, we were able to be at baby Michael's blessing on Aug 1st.  Love all these Manwaring's!  Someday, how about a vacation with just the adults, eh?  

Great July it was!