Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Summer Trip to Colorado

 At the end of June and beginning of July I took the boys by myself to go and visit their Colorado family.  Nathan had a three day stage bike race in St. George, so I took the opportunity.  Each day we were able to an activity.  Some of the likes I did with my parents growing up:

We went to Arapaho Park horse track.   We got to see horse racing up close.  It was very exciting.
Boompa and the boys watching the horses and jockeys. 

The race is on!

This unusual sight at Grammies and Boompa's house

The boys, Grammies, and I all had a sleepover at Grandma Kitty's
And these two tackled their Grammies

This little blue eyed cutie

This game has been at Grandma Kitty's home since my  mom was young, 
and now my boys got to play it too.

Jonathan and Grandma Kitty

The next day we had a picnic at Bellevue Park, 
and this little stream was perfect to cool off in this hot day.

Yum, rocks

Jonathan and Mommy

We went to Bellevue park two days actually, because there is so much to do!
There's a little train ride that was enjoyed by all.  
And otterpops for the hot day:)

Jack and Mommy on a train ride.

And a little petting zoo.  These two were learning how to milk a cow.

After Bellevue Park we had dinner with the Colman's.

Grandpa Colman and Jonathan
And then while eating an ice cream sandwich...
...James lost his first tooth!  

How is my baby growing up?

We visited with Ray, our neighbor who restores old cars.
One he is currently working one looks like Mater from Disney's Cars.


Finally my bestie from HS also just happened to be in Englewood that weekend as well.  I was NOT going to NOT see her.  We caught up at Chili's (very appropriate!).  She is so beautiful inside and out, I wished we lived closer together.  

Another day we headed to Stern Park.  There we saw  a dad and son catching crawdads with a piece of chicken on a string.  Now our boys can't wait to go back to do that.

Stopping at Cinnamon's old barn.  
Meeting the new horse that is in her old stall.
She will be missed, but she is the oldest horse I've heard of.

Finally, on our last night we had dinner with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Carol.
Their neighbor makes these neat swords out of PVC pipe and pool noodles.
He was so kind to make them for our boys,
and they proceeded to fight in between throwing the ball to the labs :)
Uncle Kyle and Jackman Kyle 
Ellie is such a patient dog

Grandma gave James (all the boys really) a book about
WWII, and I caught this tender moment of teaching.

Pictures before we left:

Jack and Grandma Kitty

Grandma Kitty and her great-grand boys

Grammies, James, and Grandma Kitty

A lot was packed into a few days.  Not pictured was church, and dinner with the Thorpe family on Sunday evening. I have needed a rest ever since this trip :)