Sunday, October 18, 2015

June...Part 1

So, this summer got away from me, and then the beginning of school and all that entails also got away, and very busy.  Here is the first trip in June in a post:

We got to go visit Richard and Rachelle in Los Angeles before they moved.  We went to tidal pools and played at the beach one day.  It was actually cooler, misty, and rained lightly, but it was still very fun.

Playing in sand is Kayla and Jonathan

A sea slug

We found a little cave, and a wave caught us!  Boy is that water cold!

Nap on the beach

Cute cousins
Mommy and Jonathan

Sunday Shenanigans: 
Kayla and Jack

We visited the LA Temple Visitor's Center after church.

LoVe them!

Like how Jonathan is toppled over asleep?  

Jack was happy...until we pulled out the camera 

Richard found his mission tag that he donated to the display at the LA Temple!
Cousin movie time

Rocking out Jack. 

On the way there and back we got to stop and see the Garr's!  
We were grateful we could visit if just for a little bit.