Monday, October 26, 2015

Random June

Here are the random happenings from June:

The house next door started taking shape,
 we met the neighbors and are so excited for them to move in!!!

The boys liked watching the big machines! 

Making mud pies :)

A  "House of Six Girls" roommate reunion!  We missed DeAnna and Melissa.
I loved living with these ladies, we met up at a splash pad so Victoria's little boy and my boys could play.  It was a lot of fun!

James, Jack, and Victoria's little one taking a break for snacks at 
a Daybreak splash pad.

Lilah, Daisy, Kristie,and Tom came up and spent the night.
My boys LOVE playing with those cute girls.
I got to go on a run with Kristie and we had a great time talking and playing with the 
McConnons.  Love you guys.
Utilized the sandbox

Cutie Lilah

All in the sandbox now...

...and the water table.

Best little friends, and cousins!

Kristie and Daisy, she is a great mommy, love you always