Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A week of birthdays

The week of James' and Jack's birthdays we had a few parties.  I didn't want to have all the kids over that I did last year at the same time.  So on Tuesday we had a party for James, and on Thursday the exact same party, but for Jack.  That worked out well.  They had a water party in the backyard complete with water balloons and an awesome water slide that we got to borrow from Grandma and Papa.  Then the actual day of their birthday we had a family dinner and watched fireworks at the park by our house.  Just made their birthdays last a whole week.  Happy birthday my wonderful boys. 

Happy, happy birthday!

They wanted cupcakes

James' party

Opening presents

Cute friends for James' party

Water balloons AND the water slide


Jack opening presents

Jack and Ty with the bubbles :)

Playing before dinner on their birthday

6 and 4 years old!!!

Taylor and Kirstin came up for the birthday too

They love the armor and shields from Papa and Grandma

The night of their birthday was again the awesome Pioneer Day celebration day in the park in our neighborhood.  James and Jack have gotten this two years in a row now... birthday!  Check out the people on the bottom of the picture. Seriously the fireworks were this large this close to us.  

Ann, Mike, and Tanner, and Tyler and Kell came up too, and these two stayed for the fireworks. 
So awesome, and we love them :)