Thursday, September 25, 2014

Let's Go Flying

Jack has been so excited to turn three.  We talked about a few things that  he could do once he reached this milestone.  One is he gets to go skiing.  Okay, check, we got their ski passes.  Two is he gets to go to preschool.  Check again, he's going to the Mountain Green Kids Club Preschool.  Three is he also gets to fly in a small plane like James did.  Now check that off too :)  He went with Steve and loved it!

James all geared up

James headed out first to show Jack what to do

All smiles and ready :)
Jack's turn, no problem here, completely happy and ready to go

Mommy waiting for her turn while holding Jonathan

Jonathan at 5 months being a happy little lad

Steve's son Trevor and James waiting at the airport
Safest place was on top of the car (well, maybe not the
safest, but we could keep track of them easily there).

Love living here