Thursday, September 11, 2014

How To Train Your Dragon Party!

We love dragons around here, so for James' 5th
and Jack's 3rd birthday party we hosted a
"How To Train Your Dragon" party. 
We gave out to our "Dragon Trainers" invites to
come to "Dragon Training".

 A sign on the door and a dragon to greet

When the kids got there we first had lunch!
 Complete with "dragon" themed food:
Dragon Teeth= pretzels
Dragon Eggs=Grapes
Dragon Fire Balls= cheeto puff balls
Dragon Food= Goldfish Crackers
Viking Hotdog Ships

 One of my favorites...Dragon Trainerade :)

 The incredible cake 
made by ShaRee Shupe

 Cute little fondant Toothless on top with Hiccup

 Everyone getting directions so that we could
get our food and head outside

Everyone eating outside, that was a great idea,
and the kids still loved it!

Then we sang and blew out the candles so we could eat
our cake ouside too picnic style. 
Less cleanup for mom and dad :)
P.S. Fondant will catch on fire and smells
like roasting marshmallows

After the food and cake we had games.
To become dragon trainers and earn their
viking hats, shields, and swords, 
everyone had to go through the challenges

There was an obstacle course where you had to
jump over dragon eggs (balloons taped to the ground),
go through a tunnel, then knock over a tower with your
new sword (made from cardboard).
Jack sporting the viking hat, he 
loved it and didn't want to take it off!

 Listening during games

We had a bean-bag toss where they had to 
"feed the dragon".

Then finally we had to slay the big bad
dragon (like in the movie).
The kids loved running at this dragon to
take a whack at it.

After games we opened presents.
This year I got smart, and even though we combined
a party for their shared birthday, I invited James'
friends for him and Jack's friends for him.
That way kids weren't feeling obligated to bring
a gift for James and Jack. 

Jack showing off a new train

James was covered in presents

Everyone got to take home their
swords, hat, and shield along with their goody
bag that had a little dragon inside, a few pieces of candy,
and a toothless party blower.


So the whole cake was edible, except for 
the inside of Toothless and our Hiccup actionfigure.
After the party I heard "hmmm, Toothless is yummy!"
Wha????  There is Jack, chewing off the black fondant 
from the tinfoil center?!  James too.

 Playing with their baby brother after everyone had left.

So that's a party :)

A big shout out and thank you
to friends Suzanne and Brittney who stayed
to help coral the kids around, and for holding
Jonathan when he got fussy!


Life Is What We Make It! said...

ok this is seriously a cute party! good job Kendra!

Kimberli said...

fun to see the "behind the scenes" of all the fun stuff Austin told me about! I think all that handmade viking gear was Austin's favorite thing ever... he wore it for a good part of the summer! Thanks for having him!

Meg said...

Coolest party ever!!

Kathy said...

That was seriously one of the cutest parties I have ever seen! You did SO much work! Everyone was happy and had tons of fun. Way to go Kendra and Nathan! You are both amazing parents

Lorie S. said...

So cute! Reading this made me think what it will be like having 2 of my boys share birthdays now. Have you seen the cute toothless dragon from build-a-bear. It's adorable! :)