Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Broken Elbow Round 2

In June while at Grandma and Papa's house,
right when parents came to Grandparent Week,
Jack had an accident and broke his elbow...
...in the exact same place :/
The doctor said it was just really unlucky.
Jack did it by falling over a cushion and 
catching himself just wrong.
We had it in a brace for a few days,
 then when that came off he barely 
bumped it and yelped in pain.
We knew we'd need to go in again for
another x-ray. (They had already
reduced it because it was probably 
dislocated again as well).
The doc that we saw for his last broken
elbow we have ended up switching as 
our primary pediatrician, and 
he saw us again right away.
No question from the x-ray, it was broken.
So another two week cast:
 This time around he went with green,
it was his big green band-aid.

Bad timing too because I had just convinced Nathan
the previous day that we should get a trampoline...
needless to say that went out the window pretty quickly.

July 1st we got the cast off:
 This little guy is super brave! 
Not even a flinch.
However, when they took it off it was
with the instructions that he couldn't fall again
on it for 2 weeks or he could seriously injure it!
Have you ever kept a two year old from falling for 
two weeks?  And the teachers in nursery at church just
hovered over him for those two weeks as well.
It was not an easy task, but he is all better, and
fingers crossed we are good to go for awhile in
the broken bone department.
All better!


Kathy said...

Jack is such a brave little boy! I'm glad his arm is okay now:)