Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

I love the 4th of July!
The parades, the fireworks,
 everyone wearing red, white, and blue 
and remembering our country and the 
men and women who have fought to keep it free.

This July 4th started out with going to a parade in
Morgan.  Think small town Americana and that is the
Morgan parade.  Complete with throwing candy :)

After Nathan came home from a long bike ride that day we
headed up to Snowbasin and thought a hike after the heat
of the day would be a good idea.
It was...until the mosquitoes came out :/
Then we were running back to the car.

We jumped in the car and headed down the canyon to 
Grandma and Papa's house to watch some fireworks
from Papa's cousin's porch (they live right around the 
corner).  What a great view.
And what a SHOW!  Seriously rivaled the city
shows.  The fireworks just kept coming and coming!
 It was great watching everyone's reactions, 
and the fireworks were so close! 
 I haven't been that close since the time
Nathan and I went with Great Aunt Carol to Fort Hood.

We also have some really cool neighbors, and we 
set off all our fireworks together and all the kids 
watched.  Doing this a few days after July 4th helped
to spread the holiday out a little more.

Mommy and Jack looking on

A few days later...to keep just keep 
dragging out the 4th for as long as possible,
We headed back to Grandma and Papa's house.
Cory and Karissa were visiting from Vegas,
and so with Jason, Nicole, and Emily,
we did a few more fireworks:

This girl isn't a year and can already sport the piggies! 
She also reminds me of the baby from the movie "The Croods"
with her pigtails and how fast she can move!

Happy boys love the fireworks,
especially this year the "parachute guys".
A rocket that launches up at when it explodes it
ejects a parachute that slowly (when it deploys)
comes back to Earth.

Getting snuggly with mommy because of the big booms, what a sweetheart

Karissa with two of her older brothers
I loved it when we were all at BYU together
Karissa is pretty close to her due date here, about 
6 more weeks to go with their first son Rondo!
We are excited for them to be parents, and
for another boy cousin to run around with!

Our week was packed, Happy 4th of July!