Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"That Famous Preston Night Rodeo"

The last weekend in July was again "That Famous Preston Night Rodeo".  It is pretty awesome.  The last few years it has sorta become a Haworth family reunion that weekend with everyone that comes.  Well, since Grandma Haworth was turning 75 this year, it was also going to be a special birthday surprise to get as many of the posterity there as well. Wow, what a turn out!

 First we got to just hang out at the farm for a little bit: 

Eeek!  Kittens, I love them!
They were so soft and cuddly and friendly.

James loves them...

...and Jack wanted a picture with a kitten :)

Cousin Kaden with James, the big brother from another mother

Next was the parade Saturday afternoon to kickoff the rodeo:
Nathan with Jonathan and cousin Jeff with Courtney

Check out all the little cousins...

...watching for thrown candy

Nathan with his parents at the parade

Missionaries throwing out candy ;)

Lovell's lovin' each other

Kristie and Tom and new baby Daisy

By this picture you wouldn't know that I was the one
that married into the family:)
They are now just all cousins.

 Ashlynn had a magic touch with the baby.
Everybody loves babies, there was no shortage of
people who wanted to hold baby Jonathan that is for sure :)

Jason, Nicole, and Emily 

Daddy and his buddy

James, Daddy, and Jack on the big Ferris Wheel during the rodeo!
The loved it! Jack was sometimes a little scared, but
followed what his big brother was doing so ended up
just fine.

James and Jack with the big wheel

Enjoying other carnival rides too.
I love that they are now big enough to do this with each other.

And what is a carnival without cotton candy?
We ended up staying much later that most of the others 
(yep, and we had little ones, parent of the year award
right here folks) and enjoyed rides and taking it all in,
the lights, sounds, rides, food.
 The rodeo was great, the bull riders were wonderful, but 
no pictures.  I was holding a baby, and Nathan was in line
for the Ferris Wheel.  The rodeo announcer would get
to a certain decible and then it would just be too loud for the
babies so we'd have to wait outside or watch from the stairways.

 The next day we all attended church in Grandma and Grandpa's ward.
It was fast and testimony meeting, and Grandpa bore his 
sweet testimony, that he loved God, Jesus, and his family.
I love that man, and am so grateful to be a part
of his family.
After church we had a surprise celebration of
Grandma's life, where every grandchild got to 
speak (even the married in ones, just like the cousins,
we are just all grandchildren now) a little from
Grandma's history that she had written up.
They had a fashion show too that the littler cousins got to
show off some of Grandma's styles through the years.
What a lady!  And their posterity! So many!

Grandma speaking at the program

 Syd also got the baby to fall asleep :)

Releasing 75 balloons in honor of 75 glorious years
 Grandma Haworth with Grand-daughters and Great-Grands
that were able to come

 Jumping in for a picture

 Love these ladies! Kirstie and Angela

Grandpa and Grandma and their 7 beautiful and hard working daughters
 Feast in the park (that's where we all have to fit now!)

James and Jack waiting to take the big family picture

A big thank you to all the Haworth sisters that made this possible!
And to Grandpa and Grandma, for being the exceptional examples to look up to and to try to live by their example of love, faith, and family.

Also thank you to Angela who took 1/3 of the photos that are now on this post :)