Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Snail Hunt at Grandma Hiller's

We love Grandma Hiller!  Nathan and I had the privledge and opportunity to live with Grandma in Salt Lake nine months after we were married for about six months.  I grew to love her very much during that time.  We would watch Perry Mason, Hawaii Five-O, and Matlock together as well as the Utah Jazz.  She loves kids, and so we do try to go visit and have her interact with the kiddos as much as we can now.  One night at the beginning of August we visited and it had just rained.  Well, there were snails EVERYWHERE!!  She doesn't want them in her yard or flower beds, and our boys were excited when I told them to go on a snail hunt to collect them :)  Win-win for everyone!

We collected over 100 in a couple of baggies, then took them to a park and let them all go :)
Now they can go eat someone else's yard

Happy Grandma and boys:)

Now each time we've gone back they want to look for snails.  We'll have to wait for the next rainstorm to find snails like that again!