Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Last Ski Day

April 13th was our last ski day at Snowbasin this season :(
But what a better way to end it than by being able to go all together!
Nathan got vouchers thanks to Equation for him and I, 
and James is free when we redeemed the vouchers.
All we had to do was rent his skis, so a great deal.
We had a great morning skiing, then James and I headed to the lodge to get a 
hot chocolate while Daddy did a big run. 

Enjoying the hot chocolate and the fun time skiing

We did three more runs down for James, then were going to head home to get Jack from Papa, 
and at the car Nathan realized the KEYS had FALLEN out of his pocket!
This is a little funny because this is not the first time this has happened.
It happened once before when he and Tom were trail running up at Snowbasin, but luckily that time someone found the keys and left them at the trailhead.
Well, Nathan backtracked, and even went back up on the hill, he thinks he knew the place it had 
probably fallen out, when he had pulled his phone out to take a picture.
Well, the keys weren't there, so James and I headed to the lodge to order some lunch, 
and thankfully Papa was able to bring up our spare set.
We called lost and found later, and our keys had been turned in! Yeah!
Mommy and James sitting out enjoying the hot chocolate and waiting for Daddy to come back

A great last day skiing, and I can't wait to do more of it next year.
I love that James wants poles, and he says he can get them when he turns five.
You go buddy!