Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baby Animal Days

At the American Heritage Center outside of Logan they have Baby Animal Days on Saturday's during the month of April.  We missed it the first week by half an hour :(  I thought that it went until 5, Nathan thought 6, and in actuality, it went until 4 and we arrived at 4:30 (this was the same day as the last ski day...)...Anyway, we finally made it the next weekend, and it was absolutely awesome!
First up the calves.  James went right in to pet them.  Jack said he wanted to, but if we even brought him near, he would cling to us.  So he just waved and I took pictures while holding him :)

Next were piglets, James' favorite was the black one, and these were still too big for Jack.

 Kids, but these two were born that week, and we could only look at them.
They were so cute!

A train ride that went through a tunnel and around a pond with peacocks (including a white one like in Kung Fu Panda 2!!) was a big hit!

Daddy and Jack-Jack on the train

 Horseback riding was the next thing we did.
James was so excited to ride, and when we asked Jack if he wanted to,
he replied "No thank you".  Worked out because he was still too young!
James as smiles and giddy the whole time. 

 Then came the animals that Jack was okay with :) 
Very small ones!
Here is a duckling, very small, and he's asking the duckling to "kiss it" meaning his finger.

More "kiss it!"

 Bunnies were small enough too!
Both boys got to hold one and they were so soft they both said.

 Giving the bunny a kiss on the ear

 This cow in a holder for milking in one of the barns.
There was no one around, but there was a bucket with some milk in it 
and a small stool to sit on.
"I'm going to milk it" I announced.
"Right" Nathan said
I sat down, and as I reached for her udder, she sideways kicked at me, I scrambled backwards, and I still ended up getting some poop on pants :(
So this was my epic fail for the day.

 Back to the goat pen after that barn

 And then one last train ride (I think we rode it three times)
It was an overcast day, and would sprinkle a little bit at times, but that kept the crowds away, and it was just perfect. A great day.