Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ogden Dinosaur Park

 Also in April, James' preschool at the Mountain Green Kids Club, had a fieldtrip to the Odgen Dinosaur Park.  I had never been, and it is pretty impressive.  The kids loved the dinos, and there was a cute instruction portion first.  After making a paper puppet dinosaur, we explored the different areas. 

 Some of the dinosaurs would make sounds, too.
There were some animatronic dinos inside the museum part, which Jack got quickly afraid of.
It was cute because Reese, James, and Oaklee would run in, see them, run out, then peek their heads around the corners to see the moving dinosaurs. 

 Watching a real scientist gluing together fossilized dinosaur bones

 At a dino dig!

Snack time with all the kids!
I'm glad that I was able to go to help out, and Jack got to come along as well.
We'll definitely got back again this summer!


Amy Kohler said...

Kaden would LOVE this. It looks so cool!!