Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Cousin Visit!!!

So the same day as Baby Animal Days, we got to have a fantastic visitor too!  I don't have a lot of first cousins on my side of the family (six to be exact from my mom's side, and there are zero from my dad's side, Nathan on the other hand has 36 on his mom's side alone!).  My cousin Annie, my age, who is living in Korea right now with her husband, messaged me that she'd be in Salt Lake for an audition for the Utah Symphony and would I like to get together for lunch?  OF COURSE!!  We haven't seen each other in almost seven years, and it was the best visit we have had as adults.  I picked her up from the airport, we got a tasty lunch, then drove around Salt Lake a little bit (with rain, there really isn't a lot to see).  She was just going to hang out for four hours until she could check into her hotel.  I suggested that she could come to our house, and because she had to practice that day, we could visit a little, then we'd all be off and she could use our home to practice. It worked out perfectly, and she even played for us a little on her viola, and let James try it out too! Jack just watched mesmerized.  I can't believe that it worked out that well, and though she didn't get the position, we loved having her here for just a little bit.  Love you Annie!