Monday, April 29, 2013

A Packed Provo Day

On April 15th, I loaded up the kids, and had a very packed day after going to the gym that morning.
We headed to Provo to see some peeps:
 First we saw Kristie and Lilah, and had a picnic in their living room:)
Love you Kristie!

 Then we saw Danniey and Calvin and Linus.
We knew each other before we had kids back in the ol' BYU 103rd ward, 
then we each had our first boy and we would get together to go to the park.
She was a great visiting teacher, and friend too ;)
They happened to be in Provo for that day, and about a week later moved to Arizona so it was so wonderful to see her and her kiddos and catch up a bit.
Good luck in AZ!

 After that I dropped off James and Jack with Kirstin.
She took them to the BYU duck pond and they fed the ducks, and is so good with those two.
Thank you so much!
 I then went to see this lovely with her precious new baby at the hospital:

 Aubreigh and new baby Bennett.
I am so happy that she is doing so much better than last time.
I literally sat on her bed and held that cutie petutie for the whole time I was there.
The newborn smell, oh so good.

 Is it just me or do all newborns look like little old men?
In a cute way of course!

Then we went back to Kirstin's house for the last time before she moves out, 
got in our jammies and gave kisses and hugs all around,
then piled in the car for the way home. Whew!