Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Midway and Swordfish

On Thursday in San Diego, we were weary of taking Jack out because of the sickness the night before.  He seemed better though, and Nathan had to do some work that day.  So we left the hotel (after Jack had kept some liquids down for awhile, and he still didn't have a fever or was cranky), and went to the Midway aircraft carrier to tour it.  I've been on an aircraft carrier before, the U.S.S. Lexington, that is now permanently anchored in Corpus Christi, TX, and I thought that the kids would think the different jets and helicopters and the big ship would be really neat.  It was a hit!
Mommy, James, and Jack in front before going aboard.

 Grammies and the boys

James and Jack both loved going into the cockpits and "flying" the jets

Jack happy to be out of the stroller and into the pilot's seat

James liked the pilot's seat too

Out on the flight deck I told the kids to pick something they wanted their picture with and with mommy.  This is what they chose:
James wanted to be in front of a jet that folded it's wings up.  
They did that to be able to fit more jets on the aircraft carrier.

Jack chose a helicopter, and the helicopter's could fold their propellers in like the jets.

James is ready for takeoff!

Listening to a Veteran talk about some of the different missions from this aircraft carrier and the fighter that he flew.

I love history like this.  I loved that there were Veterans (from WWII to Vietnam to Iraqi Freedom) all around to talk to and here stories.  I am so thankful that they fought for our freedom and the freedoms of others. I want my kids to know this history.

After the Midway (which we parked in a lot with a two hour limit, and we returned with only 1 minute left on the meter! We got our money's worth!) we went back to the hotel, got dressed a little fancier, and Daddy took everyone out for really good seafood.
 When we walked in, we were the only party with smaller children, but they were so well behaved, I was thanking my lucky stars, but we did threaten timeout if James didn't stay seated. 
Our appetizer of oysters

Nathan had the best clam chowder I have ever tasted.  I wish I would have gotten a bowl of it myself.
For the main course I had swordfish (really tasty), Nathan got fish tacos, and Grammies got a sampler platter which James decided he liked her clams better than his meal and ate them all!  
Who knew he liked clams?

 Hmmm, fresh swordfish steak
 (which did you know we could not find a restaurant in Utah that serves swordfish when we came back, must be a "catch it fresh for best" sort of meal) 

A good end to the second full day in San Diego.