Monday, April 22, 2013

James and his Pedal Bike

James is a very athletic kid, I can already tell.
A little over two weeks ago James wanted to ride his "bike with pedals".
We strapped on the helmet, and Nathan held his shirt while he pedaled.  

Seriously about five minutes into this teaching session, Nathan had James start at the top of the driveway, got him going by holding his shirt, and then said "want me to let go?".
"Let Go!" James enthusiastically said.
My stomach flip-flopped as I thought about anything that could happen, 
crashing and breaking an arm, a collarbone, or a tooth!
And that he is growing up so fast,
and I can't believe he is doing it!
And he rode his bike, just grinning and loving it.

... and he stopped successfully without crashing, at the neighbor across the street's sidewalk.

 I think this is all thanks to his "fast bike" or his Strider bike.
 This was one of the best things that we've gotten for James.
He could ride it all by himself, and has learned balance so a bike with pedals is an easy next step.
I very highly recommend this for kids, 
and we got it HERE for a much better deal than you can get in stores.
He still likes to ride this one first because he doesn't need help to start, then we'll do the pedal bike, then we usually end outside with more "fast bike" because let's face it, he likes to go fast :)

He still needs a little help to get started if he stops, but everyday he is getting better at that.
He's 3!  Not only can he ski, but now he can bike too!
Way to go my best buddy!


Tiffeny said...

Olivia just learned too and originally started out on a Strider. She loves it! And has started doing some mountain biking with Jonathan! It's so fun to see those little kids already on bikes! Oh and I LOVE your hair right now, by the way!