Saturday, April 6, 2013

March Catchup

I've got to write about March so that I can record our awesome San Diego trip!  March was great!  It was my last month of Crossfit for a little while.  Sadly, no pictures there, just awesomeness for workouts.  I'll definitely be signing up again sometime. 

Kirstin came up to dinner for St. Patrick's day, and we had green eggs and ham.  That is one of James' favorites books right now.  He tried them, and he LIKED them!  Also sadly, no pictures, so we'll have to do that again. 

 We also flew his dragon kite that he earned a while back for his potty training for the first time (outside), and it was awesome!
Daddy and James working the spinning reel for the string
Let's fly a kite! 
It was going great until the wind died down a little, I tried to reel it back in a little, got it tangled, and it crashed on our neighbor's roof. :(  Sad, but it wasn't harmed, so we will do it again soon!

Jack and James were squirting water out of this toy in the bath, and thought it so much fun.
They squealed for a good ten minutes doing it over and over again.

Sharing Jack's blankie, a big deal that he is sharing that too, it doesn't happen often

We stared framing the basement, and hired someone to come for a day to help and teach Nathan and Alan.  Since then they've gotten almost the whole basement framed. 
James was ready also to be a builder, too.
Cutting the wood, I love his tool belt, the goggles, just the whole ensemble really.

These are two of James' best little buds, Beck and Owen.
This game they loved of trying to get our kites to fly from off the stairs, at the same time.

We went to Heber to help celebrate Quinn's 3rd birthday!  
He wanted a dragon party, and James of course loved that.

Jack and Mommy practicing saying "happy!" after bathtime.
It is a cute tradition to say "happy", "sad", and "surprised" in the mirror and make the corresponding faces after getting out of the bath.

Alan had a birthday, and we celebrated with cake!

Some friends in the neighborhood are raising two little lambs, and we got to go feed them bottles.
I loved it, James did too, now we just need some acreage of our own...
Very caring kid feeding the lamb a bottle

Jack in the nest of pillows "hatching"
That was seriously so funny, James came and said "look, look, Jack is hatching", and then he'd pop up and laugh, and then we'd laugh, and he'd laugh harder. What a ham. Or maybe a chick? 

More bath time fun with cups of water on their heads

One Saturday we went to Kangaroo Zoo, a big place with lots of bounce houses.
James took off like a fish in water.  He really liked to bounce and try the different houses. 
This one was shaped like a dinosaur, you slid out it's mouth.
This was Jack's reaction to the place.
Nervous, didn't want to go on anything.
We asked him if he wanted to do a slide, which he said yes too, but then he wouldn't want to be put down out of our arms.

It is spring here in Mountain Green, and that means the Sandhill Cranes are BACK!  James and I followed these two who were perusing the neighborhood to get this shot.  
I love seeing and hearing them.

Finally, we dyed Easter eggs for the Easter bunny to hide a week early because we'd be going to 
San Diego the next day and wouldn't be home to dye them before Easter.
The Kutterer's came up too for the event.
James really got into it, and the eggs were turning out really bright too.
I love Jack's face, he was really into coloring the eggs too.
We all love Jack's face, just innocent joy.

The next day we left for San Diego, but that is the next post!
Hope you had a Happy March, too!