Saturday, April 7, 2012

Some Mommy Fails

So on this blog I usually write about the good things that are going on.
But don't get me wrong, life isn't always rose petals and peaches around here.
There are tears and tantrums too.
Two mommy fails this week were:

I forgot sunscreen on our hike on Wednesday. James fared okay, a little sunburn on his neck.
Jack-Jack did not fare as well, and his whole head and face got sunburned.

At least he still looks happy, right?
Today his little chin even started to peel :(

And this is what James usually (not always, but mostly) looks like when I say it's time to eat:, I have resorted to bargaining to get him to eat. I don't want him waking up every night hungry because he didn't eat his dinner, I can't handle the lack of sleep.
For two bites of food, he gets a drink of chocolate milk.
Then two more big bites, then some more drink,
which I also have to take away or he will just gulp the
whole thing down without bites in between.
Then I've lost my bargaining power, and he's full and doesn't want anything else.

Life is good, but we are real people


khan said...
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Tiffeny said...

It's good to hear you're human. :) We really struggle with getting Olivia to eat. But I've never thought of chocolate milk... it's brilliant! And there are definitely worse things than chocolate milk!

Kate said...

Aww poor jack jack! He's still adorable though! James' face cracked me up. Why is eating such a battle for kids? Drives me bonkers too. We've found our own way to deal with it, but I will add your idea to my mental filing cabinet! I'm glad it's working!

Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

It was fun catching up on your blog! It seems like I barely have enough time to update my own these days and I don't get to read everyone else's as much as I would like to. That is awesome you and Nathan were able to take a trip without your kiddos. I bet it was a ton of fun and a well deserved getaway! Thank goodness for grandmas! Your boys are adorable and you and Nathan are such cute parents.