Friday, April 27, 2012

HeeHaw's Egg Hunt

The day before Easter we went to HeeHaw farms in Lindon for an Egg Hunt with the Park's and the Kohler's. Nathan had to stay home and work on his master's project.
Each kid could find ten eggs, and there were 10 golden eggs to find, and those had prizes in them. There was a man who was watching over an egg, and it was a golden egg! He said "why not have you're little boy find this". James got a Golden Egg!!
How nice was that. In the egg was a Utah's Pass of All Passes!
What a prize.
Besides egg hunting there was a cute petting farm, pony rides, and a fun dried corn pit.

James loved the baby goats. He's pointing and saying "oh it's so cute"
Anything that is a baby, or little, is now so cute!
Thanks Parks' for the invite! It was awesome!