Friday, April 27, 2012

Dying Eggs

I have been doing the tradition of dying hard boiled eggs the night before Easter for the Easter Bunny to hide for as long as I can remember. This year we decided to try golden eggs. Though fun, and they looked pretty, they were really messy, and even after they were dry if they got wet, or now trying to peel them, the dye gets all over your hands. So we will probably not be doing it again, but it was a good experience. The "gold" is pretty, but takes a lot of it to cover the egg, completely. A few coats of it. Then you can add colors to the gold to make a gold tinted egg. I'm glad I thought of taking all of James' clothes off for this one.

James starting to paint with just the gold

Each person's special name egg

Daddy and James painting the eggs

After just one golden egg, we decided to get crazy and add colors.
Painting the eggs also takes a lot longer than the regular way of dying them.

Mommy and James busting out the colors and gold

Painting eggs, James thought this was great.
Then he found that he could paint his leg too, and then we decided it was bath time :)

Close up of finished eggs, see the gold tint?

James and Mommy the egg artists