Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter was a beautiful day, probably one of the first really nice days. It just was great to see that by celebrating Christ it was as if the Earth knew, and everything was coming to life again. I have been wondering how to teach James the reason for Easter, and thought that the Easter Bunny comes because we celebrate Jesus. After teaching that, it was all that James could say. I did like that we have church early, so we had to go to church first before we saw what the Easter Bunny left. I loved them in their little matching suits too :)

James, Mommy, Jackman, and Daddy on Easter morning

After church we got to see that the Easter Bunny had hidden our eggs in our backyard to find!
There were also baskets for everyone, and treats to find in the living room.
Nathan remembers the Easter Bunny leaving treats all over the place to find, and luckily, the Easter Bunny was able to do that tradition as well.

Daddy holding the egg cartoon while James found a hidden egg

Easter Baskets and treats in the living room
Even tractors got in on the egg action :)

Easter dinner we were able to spend at the Borrowman's home in West Point.
They put together a fun egg hunt for the kids there too which was especially sweet.
Kira and Tanner, and Kirstin got to come up too, helped James find his eggs.
After the egg hunt we had dessert that Kirstin and her friend Blake made to bring,
homemade apple and cherry pies.
Well, Tanner likes whipped cream.
He held it up for us to take a picture.
Ann then pushed it a little into him to get a little on him.
Then he pushed the whole piece onto her, then ran away.
Kira's face was priceless, her jaw dropped open.
Tanner was saying "she did it to me first, she did it to me first"
I think Ann laughing, a little.
And Mike missed the whole thing:(
Everyone else couldn't believe it.
At least we can laugh and have fun!

The best part about the day was spending it with family, loved ones, and friends.
Happy Easter!