Monday, September 27, 2010

Animals we've seen at our far

There are lots of animals to see around here. We've seen so far (pictures to accompany a few):
Sand Hill Cranes,

Wild turkeys,
a Bobcat,
Deer (even fawns!),

Praying Mantis',

Bald Eagles,
tons of Hawks,
a Pheasant,

Moose, meece, moosen,... whatever. Three of them. Nathan literally "ran" into two on a trail run, and I saw one while biking. They are really BIG, and hopefully next time we see one we'll have a camera handy.

Still haven't seen the porcupine, but we'll be on the lookout, there is a den nearby apparently.


Kate said...

That's awesome! You guys really are out there in the wilderness. :) Let's hope there aren't any cougars, though!