Friday, July 31, 2009

Coming Home from UVRMC

So, it was just a week ago that we came home from the hospital, wow does time fly, and I have sooo much to catch up on! We were kept in the hospital from Tuesday until Thursday the 23rd because he was small and they wanted to keep him an extra night for observations. Life will never be the same, but boy how we love this little guy. His full name ended up being James Robert Manwaring, Robert after Grandpa Haworth. UVRMC was great, we had great nurses and doctors, and I loved my experience there. I didn't feel like I was being rushed through or just a number like so many other people say that is how you'll feel since there are so many babies born there. My experience was the opposite, and I'm glad that I choose that hospital.

Lots of visitors came, we sure felt loved!

Kisses and Cuddles, that's what babies love

Napping buddies

Coming home from UVRMC, great experience, great hospital!

Our little Cougar!

Now that I 've got a computer I'll put up pictures and little stories from my days.


Kate Bailey said...

Man, you are busy blogging! I had a great experience at that hospital, too! The only problems we had were a few times when they took Hannah to take her blood pressure and forgot to bring her back! Luckily they had no problem when Adam went looking for her. :) I remember being eager to be home because people kept randomly coming in in the middle of the night to change the trash, take temps, etc., but as soon as we were at home, I was wishing I had someone there to help! :) It was nice having my meals taken care of and no laundry piling up. It's amazing how much time disappears when you get home, huh? I'm looking forward to reading more posts! Can I bring you dinner or something sometime?? I know you can probably handle it all, but sometimes it's nice to just not have to worry about it. I remember the meals stopped coming after the first week and that's when Hannah started her crying fits, and once we got to that point, I was wondering why in the world I hadn't been more helpful to my friends who were new moms... you don't realize how tough it is until you're in it! Anyway, please, don't hesitate to ask. I don't want to show up unannounced because you might be sleeping or nursing, so tell me if/when you'd like a hand!

John and Victoria said...

wow, he's so tiny! can't believe you guys are parents, it came so fast!

Angela said...

I'm glad you had such a good experience with the hospital, that's great. You're so lucky to have so much family around! We're lucky to have 1 person come out to visit for a week after the baby is born, it must be so fun to have so many visitors! Enjoy these newborn days, they'll be gone before you know it!